An Interview with Lorena Dominguez

One of the cultural messages in “The Fire in Me” is food means love. In keeping with this cultural value, we are serving merienda (Filipino snacks) at our performances to show our hospitality and welcome our audiences.

Lumpia (Filipino egg roll or spring roll)

Lorena Dominguez is our Associate Producer in charge of our merienda. A native San Diegan from South Bay, Lorena has been in the legal field for the past fifteen years. In addition to having worked for de Castro, P.C. the last ten years, she also works for the Philippine Consulate, San Diego County, serving as the administrator of the office and as an accredited Philippine notary.

Lorena Dominguez

Lorena loves spending time with her husband and her three young children. She is very active in her children’s school affairs, serving as a Parent Ambassador and Room Parent for St. Charles Catholic School, and as a past member of the PTA. During her free time, she enjoys family movie nights at home.

Tell us about yourself.

I love to travel and learn new cultures and languages. Working for the Philippine Consulate has given me the opportunity to experience those things. Even though I am Mexican, I know that Filipino and Mexican cultures have a lot in common. It has made me fascinated to visit the Philippines in the future.

Tell us about your community work.

I enjoy giving back to the community, especially to those in need. Working for the Philippine Consulate has come with some challenges, but it overall has been very rewarding. Helping people, guiding, and explaining documents are things I enjoy. In addition to being part of my kids’ school affairs, my family and I spend every third weekend of the month helping a charity named Caritas. We collect food, clothes and money for the poor in Ensenada, Mexico. It’s a commitment we as a family have decided to do to help those who are less fortunate than we are.

One of the successes I have experienced while helping the community has been the appreciation people have showed for my help. They value my efforts and willingness to assist them in their time of need. Answering a simple question, taking the time to hear them out, and guiding them to the right directions makes them feel understood.  

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I love to help! If I can help in any kind of way I will. Whether that is helping out at my children’s school, at work, or a friend – I am always willing to help. Domestic violence is a topic that happens frequently to people of all races. That’s why my goal is to help Caritas charity as much as I can because the funds that we collect every month help the poor children, women, or families that have been in any kind of abuse rebuild their lives and get the help needed. 

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